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4 Services Reminds You to Invest in After Moving

4 Services Reminds You to Invest in After Moving

After you move, you’ll not only want to start exploring your new neighborhood and location, but you’ll also want to consider the new services available to you. At your previous address, you may have only had a few cable companies that offered service in your area, but your new home could open you up to even more possibilities. It’s important to take a moment to research these services. The team of experts at recommends considering your options after you move, because you could save yourself money on a monthly bill, or have access to more services you could find useful. Here are four new investments you’ll need to consider and possibly shop around for after you make your move.

#1 Water and Trash Services – If you’re moving to a new county or a new city, you will probably have a different company that takes care of your water and trash service. Sometimes, these services are added on to your electricity bill. However, the bill for your water and trash may also come separately, so be on the lookout.

The experts at recommend contacting your new water and trash company so you can find out the current rates for these services, how you’ll be receiving the bill and your monthly payment options. You may be able to sign up for electronic bills that come through your email, and automatic payments that are taken directly out of your bank account. This can eliminate any late or skipped payments, which can result in extra fees. Calling your trash service company also gives you the opportunity to inquire about which days of the week your home will receive service. Even if you haven’t moved to a new city or county, you should still ask about trash and recycling service days because they can vary by street.

#2 Cable Services – Even if you’re happy with your current cable company and plan to sign up for the same services, you may want to consider the other companies available at your new home. There may be better deals or more reliable cable companies that you want to switch to after your move. These companies can offer you bundled plans that include cable, internet and phone lines so you can easily pay one bill for all services. Every cable company has its own benefits and drawbacks, so shopping around for the right company that works for your needs is important. The experts at recommend looking into current promotions with companies that service your area so you can try them out for a discounted rate, first.

#3 Lawn and Maintenance Services – If your move has brought on the responsibility of maintaining a lawn, your landscaping or a pool, investing in a monthly or weekly service to help is a great idea. This maintenance is not only time-consuming, but it can also require the investment of lawn tools and equipment that can be expensive. The team at suggests speaking with neighbors who have similar maintenance requirements to your new home so you can ask for reliable company recommendations. These lawn or pool maintenance companies usually offer service packages that are financially beneficial and are helpful for peace of mind that your home’s new features will be taken care of regularly.

#4 Electricity Companies – Most of the time, you don’t get a choice in the power company that services your home. Before you complete your move, you’ll be able to switch the power bill into your name, and you’ll be held responsible for paying the monthly charges. The experts at warn that you may need to pay a required deposit to your new power company when you transfer the service into your name. Be prepared to put down a few hundred dollars when you switch the electricity bill over to your own service. This deposit is not refunded until you move again and you transfer the service into a different name. While you may not legally be able to shop around your electricity service, you can ask the company about money-saving tips, like a discount for deducting automatic payments from your bank account, or proven energy saving techniques.