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Pros and Cons of Moving to California According to

Pros and Cons of Moving to California According to

California may be on your mind as your next place to call home because of the beautiful palm trees and pristine, white sandy beaches. The possibility of bumping into a celebrity or walking through a movie scene may also make this an intriguing place to live if you’re into the Hollywood side of things. The experts at completely understand the fascination with this state because of the beauty and magic of California. However, before you make a move, it’s important to review this list of pros and cons developed by the team so you can truly decide if California is right for you.

Pro: Great weather year-round – One of the best things about California is the beautiful weather experienced throughout the year. When most of the country is dealing with bitter cold, snow and ice, southern California remains at a beautiful 60 to 70 degrees, with sunshine and a nice breeze. The team at wants you to note that if you’re considering moving to a location in northern California, your weather will mimic the northwest, which may include cold temperatures, snow and a rainy season. However, most of California experiences beautiful weather and temperatures that allow residents to enjoy the outdoors and nature-inspired activities throughout the year.

Con: Expensive housing market – California is known for its high cost of living and expensive real estate market. The state is a desirable place to live and one of the most popular destinations in the country, and with that demand comes a high-priced housing market. The experts at recommend using trustworthy online real estate resources to check out the housing prices for the rental and purchase real estate market in your desired California city before making any moves. It’s important to be aware of the higher rent or mortgage monthly payment you’ll be making once you move so you can easily budget for it. Typically, the salaries for jobs in California are higher than the rest of the country to compensate for this expensive cost of living, but doing your research before making a move will prepare you for the high cost of living.

Pro: Beautiful scenery – If you love nature and the outdoors, California has plenty of amazing places to explore. With the perfect mixture of beaches and mountains, you’ll always have a new beautiful landscape to enjoy. California is known for its hiking, surfing, rock climbing and endless walking trails. The team of experts at encourages all nature lovers to plan a different adventure every weekend if they move to this beautiful state. World-famous campgrounds and state parks are only a short drive away from many California cities, so going on a different outdoor excursion every weekend won’t be hard to do if you move to the state.

Con: Potential for natural disasters – One thing to keep in mind when considering the move to California is the potential for natural disasters. Since the state has a long, mountainous coastline and varied terrain, there is a possibility of mudslides. When too much rain occurs within a short amount of time, flooding can cause mud and clay from high areas to slide into low-lying areas, ruining homes and communities. If the opposite occurs and drought takes over the state, residents need to be on the lookout for wildfires. The dry air with no onset of rainwater contributes to the beautiful woods of the state catching on fire. If wind is added to this equation, wildfires can quickly spread and put homes and citizens in danger.

According to the experts at, another natural disaster to consider if you’re thinking of moving to California is earthquakes. The state is known for dealing with strong earthquakes, which can be the culprit for damage to buildings and personal belongings. Learning how to keep yourself and your new home safe from these natural disasters is important if you make the move to California.