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Best Places to Find Boxes for Your Move According to

Best Places to Find Boxes for Your Move According to

Whether you’re moving out of a small studio apartment or a sprawling six-bedroom estate, you’ll need some moving boxes to keep you organized. Movers and moving helpers will find it much easier to haul your things to the new location with the help of packed boxes that are conveniently labeled and packaged securely. Most people don’t have empty boxes just sitting around in their home for their next moves, so chances are, you need to procure these boxes in some way. The experts at have gathered a list of the places you may want to visit to ask for boxes for your next move. The best part is that most of these places will give you their used, empty boxes for free or very cheap.

Check Online Giveaway Websites

There are many online websites that cater to connecting people who want to get rid of things for free with those in need. Often, you can scroll through these websites and find residents who have just moved and no longer need the boxes they have, or businesses trying to give away used boxes. The team at also recommends posting a ‘seeking’ advertisement on these websites so users can contact you directly if they have boxes for you. Be careful to ask about the size and condition of the boxes to ensure they’re what will be best for your move.

Visit Fast Food Restaurants

Restaurants get multiple shipments of food and items every day. Fast food restaurants are known for turning and burning through more product every day they operate than sit-down restaurants. Therefore, if you’re thinking of stopping by a restaurant to ask about empty boxes, a fast food restaurant may be your best bet. The experts at suggest stopping by a fast food restaurant either right when it opens or right before it closes. The restaurant workers are likelier to have just re-stocked and to have unpacked boxes that they can give to you. Note that fast food restaurants are also not as busy first thing in the morning or late at night, so you won’t be bothering the staff with your request.

Stop by Liquor Stores

Liquor stores also get shipments frequently, and product may come in high-quality boxes that usually go into the trash after being emptied. The group at suggests using liquor store boxes to pack up your own bottles or wine glasses. The boxes from liquor stores may already have cardboard dividers in them to keep the liquor bottles from clanging together. You can use this to your advantage by packing in your fragile glass kitchen items so they can stay safe throughout the move.

Try Your Local Grocery Store

Your neighborhood grocery store also gets daily shipments of products that amount to numerous empty boxes at the end of the day. Stop by and ask a manager if there are empty boxes you can have for free and you might be in luck. Most grocery stores have a way to compact and recycle their boxes, so you may need to give your local grocery store notice that you’re looking for boxes, first. Grocery stores have a lot to stock on their shelves, both big and small, so you may have access to many different sized boxes for your move.

Take a Trip to a Warehouse

Warehouses are also great places to ask for boxes because they’re constantly receiving shipments. If you plan to ask a warehouse for boxes, keep in mind most items are shipped to the warehouse in bulk, so the boxes may be big. If you need smaller boxes for your move, try a different option.

Moving Truck Rental Companies

If you want your boxes to be in pristine condition and you don’t mind paying for them, stop by a moving truck rental company or a storage facility to buy boxes. The experts at recommend purchasing boxes of all sizes so you can pack your things accordingly and stay organized. At a few dollars per box, this option can add up fast if you have a lot of things to move. However, you’ll be in control of the quality and size of the boxes you choose.