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Planning the logistics of your move can be complicated and tedious, but if you’re prepared with the right tools to pack your items, you’ll be one step ahead of the game. Before you even start packing, it’s important to gather all the necessities you’ll need to pack your boxes properly. The experts from have gathered a list of the must-have packing materials and tools you should purchase before you embark on the task of packing.

Fragile Packing Materials

Bubble wrap and popcorn materials are must-have items if you plan to pack anything breakable. You can also start to gather newspapers or magazines to help keep fragile items like wine glasses and dishes safe during your move. Even if your moving helpers are careful with boxes that contain fragile items, they can still shift during transport and cause damage if not packed properly. Bubble warp, popcorn, newspaper or other types of soft packing material are crucial to keep these items from breaking. The team at also recommends getting creative with the soft materials you use to wrap up your fragile items. If you’ll need to pack linens or blankets for the move anyway, you can use these soft items in a secure box to wrap up your dishes or your pottery. This can save you money on purchasing packing materials and will still keep your belongings safe throughout the move.

Sturdy Boxes

Getting boxes for free from local stores or neighbors is a thrifty way to secure your items for the move. However, before you start packing, it’s a good idea to inspect these boxes to be sure their integrity is still intact. According to the experts at, the last thing you want to do is start packing your items into a box only to find out its broken or not strong enough to hold your belongings. Boxes that are not of high quality are also dangerous for movers and helpers because items can fall out of the bottom of the box, causing injuries to occur. Examining all boxes before using them can prevent any injuries or accidents from happening.

High-Quality Packing Tape

Another asset to the security and safety of your belongings and moving helpers is the type of packing tape you use. Packing tape that’s made with high-quality material and rated to hold a lot of weight will fare much better for your moving boxes. The team at recommends buying a brand of packing tape that you know and trust. It’s also important to buy enough tape so you can use it generously to secure your moving boxes. For heavier boxes that contain books or valuable items, you may want to consider using at least two layers of packing tape to properly protect the integrity of the box and the items inside.

Permanent Markers or Color-Coded Stickers

To make m=Moving Day a lot easier on you, your family members, and your moving helpers, it’s important to label each box as you pack it. You can decide to do this by writing neatly on the box in permanent marker, or by using labeled or color-coded stickers. These stickers should correspond with the area in the new home where the box eventually needs to end up. For example, you could label all boxes that contain kitchen items with green stickers to indicate that these boxes should be placed in the kitchen at the new home. The team of experts at suggests formulating a labeling process that is completely transparent for the sake of your moving helpers. Color coding can be easy for you to interpret, but if you don’t explain the labeling system to everyone who’s helping you move, you may find the wrong boxes ending up in different rooms. An easy-to-understand labeling system can help everyone involved to complete the move quickly and easily with no confusion.