Moving Day Meal-Serving Tips | Tips for Putting Together the Perfect Meal for Moving Day Tips for Putting Together the Perfect Meal for Moving Day

When Moving Day comes, your head may be full of thoughts about boxes, furniture and picking up the moving truck. Did you stop to consider the moving day meal you’ll provide to all your generous and helpful friends who are assisting with the move? Providing food throughout the day can keep your helpers happy, strong and more likely to stick around and carry the heavy furniture with which you truly need help. According to the team of experts at, there are certain types of foods and recipes that may be more conducive to the hectic nature of a Moving Day than others. Here are a few tips you should review when meal prepping for your friends surrounding your move.

Consider a Few Make-Ahead Recipes

Moving Day is usually a busy one, filled with lifting, driving and unpacking. Your moving helpers and you may be so busy that you don’t even think about your next meal until you finally realized it’s been hours since you’ve last eaten. Providing food that’s all ready to be eaten without a long preparation process is the best way to keep your guests happy. Recipes that can easily be made ahead of time and require a quick preparation or heating process are your best bet for Moving Day. The experts at suggest chicken, tuna or egg salad that can be made into sandwiches at a moment’s notice. You may also consider other types of sandwiches and sides of pasta or potato salad. Vegetable and cheese plates can also be an easy way to feed a crowd of hungry moving helpers.

Find a Few Local Restaurants That Deliver

If a hectic week of packing has left you no time to make food ahead of time for moving day, do a little research on your new neighborhood. Look up pizza or sandwich places that can deliver food quickly. The team at suggests planning ahead if you decide delivery food will work best for your moving day schedule. You may even consider calling the restaurant the day before the move to schedule a delivery with a variety of menu items for everyone to eat. This ensures that you won’t have a miserable and hungry moving crew waiting around for food to be delivered at a peak time for the restaurant you’ve chosen.

Fill your fridge With Finger Foods

Your movers will have their hands busy and might not want to stop helping just to sit down and eat a meal. Reward their dedication to getting you moved in to your new place with some delicious finger foods. Any types of foods that can be grabbed and eaten quickly without plates, utensils or even a seat at the table are usually the best for your moving helpers. The team of experts at recommends buying several different finger food options, like granola bars, tea sandwiches, cookies, empanadas or chips and dip. These easy-to-eat finger foods allow your friends to graze throughout the day when they’re hungry, so they don’t have to stop working to eat a meal.

Offer Food With Substantial Ingredients

Your moving helpers will be working hard, lifting your heavy items, helping you sort through boxes, and constantly on their feet throughout the day. Moving is exhausting work and they’re doing you a huge favor by being involved and lending a hand. Offering your helpers a measly fruit plate or a few granola bars may be accommodating, but it just won’t be enough to get them through a long day of assisting you with your move. Whether you choose to prep your own food to provide for the day, or you decide to order from a local restaurant, the team at suggests making sure the meal offerings of the day are substantial, plentiful and filling. It’s always a good idea to make or order a little more food than you think your friends will devour, just so you’re positive they can eat as much as they need, feel recharged by their meal and continue to work.