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Living in a dorm is a rite of passage for many young people. While this may be an exciting time in your life, it can also be a headache if you didn’t plan your move correctly. Here are the best tips from the team at on how to move in and out of your dorm easily.

Moving In

Pack Ahead of Time

Usually, you will have several months to prepare for the move after you get your acceptance letter. So make lists of what you want to bring and what you will need to buy for your dorm room, and start packing with plenty of time. That way, you won’t have to worry about rushing to pack everything up the night before you leave for college.

Buy Items There

If you have to travel a long distance by car or by plane to get to your college, the team at recommends that you wait until you get to your destination before you start shopping for your dorm. Heading out to shop as soon as you get your dorm assignment may be tempting, but it could be extra work for you during the move. If you simply head to the store when you get to your college’s town, you can avoid packing and shipping a variety of items.

Contact Your Roommate

Getting to know who you will be living with for the next few months is important. It is also beneficial to coordinate packing with them. It will become overcrowded in your tiny dorm room if each of you brought a tea kettle, a coffee pot, a hot plate and cleaning supplies. There are many items that the two of you can share, so find out how to split the burden ahead of time.

Pack Clothes for All Weather

While you don’t want to stuff your closet with too many clothes, you also don’t want to be left with the wrong clothes for the weather. In early September when classes begin, it is still warm outside. Yet, by the time the semester ends, it will be mid-December and the temperature could drop quite a bit. When moving in to the dorm, pack your winter clothes in separate boxes, so that you can take them out as the winter approaches.

Moving Out

Remember the Move-Out Date

The team reminds you that you will have to move back home for winter break. The end of the semester might seem so far off when you’re first moving that it can be easy to forget that you will have to move out. As such, it’s good to set an alarm on your phone that will ring a few weeks before the semester’s end so that you can start to pack ahead of time. In the meantime, pack away items like your summer clothes, which you know you won’t need, so that you can be more prepared toward the end of the semester.

Know When You Must Be Out

The experts at have found that most colleges have a cut-off date by which all students must be out of the dorms. As the semester winds down, be sure to find out when you have to be out of the dorm. Your RA should have this information for you. This way, you can coordinate plane tickets, move-out help with your parents and more.

Sort and Pack Ahead of Time

Before your move-out date, sort your belongings into two categories: throw away or take home. Many college students are messy and may not be aware of the junk that they piled up during their time at school. Going through all of your belongings will keep you from having to pack and transport any unnecessary items back home.

Hire a Service, If Necessary

The experts at recommend that you hire a moving service, especially if your home is very far away from campus. If this is your final move, a moving service can be extremely helpful in getting all of your items out of the dorm and back home, without you having to shoulder the moving burden by yourself.